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What does the name Savannah mean?

The different meanings of the name Savannah are:
  • American meaning: A treeless place
  • Spanish meaning: From the open plain
The meaning of the name “Savannah” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: This name is supposed to have come originally from the Native American Taino tribe’s word zabana, meaning a wide open plain. While this was the first known origin of the word, the name used today might come from the city of Savannah, Georgia in the US rather than the older roots. The city of Savannah, however, was named based on the Taino word. It is also the name of a breed of cat.

Savannah can be spelled in different ways. Two common alternate spellings of the name are Savanna and Zavanna. Zavanna is not a highly used name, but it is thought to be closer to the older roots of the name. Similar names from around the world include the Irish name Alannah, the Spanish Savanna, the English name Davianna, and the Hebrew name Raananah.

The popularity of Savannah as a female name has been increasing the US. Since 1993, the name has been featured in the US top 100 baby girl names, with a peak at 30th place in 2007. In 2014, it was the 39th most popular name in the US. In the UK, Savannah peaked in popularity as a female name in 2014 at number 132 in the ranking. It has seen a lot of popularity in Australia with the 2014 ranking at 44th most popular female baby name. Also, in Canada, the name Savannah is common with 2014 ranking showing it at 81st place in popularity. New Zealand saw the name fall in popularity from 63rd place in 2007 to 79th most popular in 2014.

Famous people and personalities that share the name Savannah include Savannah Chrisley, a reality star; Savannah Outen, a pop singer; Savannah Latimer, a dancer’ and Savannah Miller, a fashion designer.