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What does the name Seth mean?

The meaning of the name “Seth” is: “Appointed”.

Additional information: There are two possible origins of the name Seth. The most commonly cited for the English name Seth is the Hebrew origin. The 3rd son of Adam and Eve was born after the murder of Abel by his twin brother Cain and was given the name Shet, meaning “placed or appointed”. Seth is derived from the name Shet. Other origins suggest the name came from ancient Egypt, although the pronunciation of this name Seth is closer to “set”. The name Seth in Egypt referred to the god of chaos and of the deserts. This god is said to have killed Osiris before being slain by Osiris’ son in later years.

No variations or alternate spellings exist for the name Seth. As mentioned above, the name does have a different pronunciation when used in the ancient Egyptian context. Otherwise, there are also no short forms for the name Seth either.

The popularity of the name Seth reached its highest peak when in 2000 it was the 63rd most popular name in the US. Since 2000, the popularity of the name was on the decline. In 2014, the latest recorded years of name usages, it was ranked as the 250th most popular name in the US, the 90th most popular in England and Wales, and the 120th most popular in the Netherlands. Usage may be on any upward trend in the UK and the Netherlands although it appears to be trending downwards in countries like the US and Australia.

Some famous people and celebrities that share the name Seth include Seth Rollins, a wrestler; Seth Curry, a basketball player; Seth MacFarlene, an actor; Seth Green, an actor and director; Seth Rogen, an actor; Seth Meyers, a TV actor; Seth Morrison, a guitarist; Seth Jones, a hockey player; and Seth Smith, a baseball player.