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What does the name Sienna mean?

The meaning of the name “Sienna” is: “Reddish orange-brown, reddish brown”.

Additional information: Although the name Sienna is usually associated with the reddish-orange color, it is actually an Italian name originating from the Tuscany town that shares the name. Siena, Italy is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Italy and it attracts a lot of tourism and visitors each year. This name was not commonly given as a baby name until the 1900s in Italy and around the world. The name Sienna can either mean “a reddish-orange color” or an alternate meaning is “delicate”.

The traditional spelling of the female name Sienna is with two n’s, although the town it was named after only had one n. Some names which are similar to Sienna are Sierra (or Cierra), Savannah, Serena, or Selena. Common misspellings of the name Sienna are Siena, Cienna, or Ciena.

Sienna has not always been a popular baby name, with little to no usage seen before the 1980s. Once the American-born actress Sienna Miller started gaining more visibility the name started to pick up again. The highest ranking it has ever enjoyed was being the 9th most popular name in Australia and the 20th most popular in the UK in 2014. In the US the name has not enjoyed as much popularity with the highest ranking ever being 170th most popular in 2007, but Sienna is a more common name in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

There are fewer famous people with the name Sienna, but the ones which are most notable are Sienna Miller, an English actor, and Sienna Howell-Holden, an actress.