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What does the name Taiwo mean?

The meaning of the name “Taiwo” is: “Eldest of twins; taste the world”.

Additional information: "Taiwo" is a unisex name reserved for the first of a set of twins to be born. "Taiwo" is a Yoruba name meaning "taste the world". According to Yoruba lore, the second of a set of twins to be born, named "Kehinde" - meaning "last to arrive" - is actually the older one even though, chronologically, Kehinde is the second of the set of twins to the born. The Yoruba enunciate this cultural lore with the phrase "Omo Kehinde gba egbon", meaning "the last child to arrive claims the elder status". The Yorubas explain this with the story that Kehinde, from the womb, sent Taiwo to go taste the world and report back if the world is good. Now, in Yoruba culture, the older person typically sends the younger person on errands; therefore, Kehinde is older, according to Yoruba cultural lore, by sending Taiwo "to go taste the world" and report back to him or her.