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What does the name Taylor mean?

The meaning of the name “Taylor” is: “Tailor”.

Additional information: Taylor is a unisex name that was originally used only as a surname. It was an old English occupational surname given to those working in the profession of tailoring. The surname Taylor was first recorded in use in 1182 in south west England. It is said to have been derived from either the Indian word dharji (cutter) or the Late Latin word taliare (to cut). Taylor was not often used as a first name until the 19th century, and even in recent years it is mainly used in English speaking countries rather than the world at large. It was first used strictly as a male name, and the female usage of the name is sometimes attributed to a British author in the 1900s name Taylor Caldwell.

There is no difference between the male and female name Taylor, and no spelling variations are commonly used. Some mistakes can be made in the spelling, resulting in Tailor, Tayler, Tailer, or Taylore.

Popularity of the name Taylor has been trending higher as a name for girls than for boys. In 2014 Taylor was ranked as the 77th most popular female name and the 433rd most popular male name in the US and the 57th most popular female name in Canada. It has had sporadic success in as both a male and a female name in other countries such as New Zealand and Scotland, making brief appearances in the top 100 names for both males and females at different times. Its peak popularity as a female name came in 1997 in Canada when it was ranked as the 4th most popular name, while the male name reached a peak in 1991 also in Canada when it was ranked as the 28th most popular name.

Celebrities who share the name Taylor include Taylor Swift, a pop singer; Taylor Lautner, an actor; Taylor Hicks, a former American Idol winner; Taylor Kinney, an actor; Taylor Hawkins, a drummer; and Taylor Griffin, a basketball player. Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States. Taylor is a brand of guitars and the name of Taylor University inĀ  Indiana