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What does the name Tyler mean?

The meaning of the name “Tyler” is: “Tile maker; tile layer; house builder”.

Additional information: There are two possible origins of the name Tyler. It may have come from the Old English word which holds the mean “doorkeeper of an inn”, or else it is a variant of the occupational surname Tiler, meaning “one who makes tiles”. It is used as both a surname and a given name with equal frequency, although it was first recorded as a surname rather than a given name.

Some alternate spellings of the name Tyler include Tylar and Tylor, although neither is very commonly seen anywhere in the world. A short form of Tyler is Ty. This given name can be unisex, but a related name that is more common is Taylor, another unisex name. Another similar name is Skyler.

In 2014, the name Tyler was ranked within the top 100 male names in 8 countries. This includes 47th most popular in England and Wales, 42nd most popular in Australia, and 47th most popular in New Zealand. In the US, it was ranked as the 72nd most popular male name. The name peaked in popularity in 1993 and ’94 when it was ranked as the 5th most popular boy’s name in the US as well as the 6th most popular in Canada those same years.

Some famous people and celebrities who share the name Tyler include Tyler Perry, a movie and TV producer; Tyler Posey, an actor; Tyler the Creator, a rapper; Tyler Hubbard, a country singer; Tyler Ward, a pop singer; Tyler Layne, a pop singer; Tyler Hilton, a pop singer; and Tyler Johnson, a hockey player. Tyler is a city in Texas, presumably named so after John Tyler, the 10th US President.