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What does the name Vasiliki mean?

The meaning of the name “Vasiliki” is: “Royal; a royal woman that belongs to the King”.

Additional information: Vasiliki is a Greek name meaning "royal". The name Vasiliki is one of the most aristocratic, elegant and feminine names available.

Name Vasiliki (Βασιλική) is the female respective name of the male name Vassilios, Vasilios, Vasilis; in the Greek language Vasiliki refers to the “royal one”. In religious terms, Vasiliki refers to the Basilica, the type of church used in many Orthodox and Catholic Countries.

Nicknames: Vasilikoula, Vaso, Vasia, Vasoula, Vicky. It celebrates January 1st with the New Year's Eve (New Year) St. Basil.

The most popular and unpopular nicknames for Vasiliki are:

Popular nicknames

Vasia, Vicky

Unpopular nicknames

Vasilikoula, Vaso, Vasoula

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