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What does the name Zachary mean?

The meaning of the name “Zachary” is: “Remembrance of the Lord; God remembers”.

Additional information: This is a derivative of the Hebrew name Zechariah or Zacharias, meaning “Yahweh (God) has remembered”. Although the name Zachary has only been popular since around the 19th century, Zechariah is the name given to many men in the Hebrew and Christian bible, including one of the Old Testament prophets. Zechariah was also the father of John the Baptist in the Christian Bible’s New Testament. It is in use as both a surname and a first name, though it is far more common as a first name. It is also the name of a town in the U.S. state of Louisiana.

Zachary can be spelled also as Zackery or Zackary. In other languages, the name takes on different spellings as well, such as Zakaria, Zakharia, Zakariya, Sakari, Sakke, Zakhar, Xackary, or Zacarias. The most commonly found nicknames for Zachary include Zach, Zack, Zac, or Zak, dependent mostly on the spelling of the long form name.

Zachary was as popular name in the mid-1900s as well as in 2014 when it was ranked as the 82nd most popular name in the US, the 40th most popular in England and Wales, the 41st most popular in Canada, the 46th most popular in Australia, and the 61st most popular in New Zealand. The peak popularity it has ever experienced in recorded history was when it was ranked as the 21st most popular name in Canada in 1997 and when it was the 12th most popular in the US in 1994.

Celebrities and notable people who share the name Zachary include former US President Zachary Taylor; Zachary Quinto, an actor, Zachary Isaiah Williams, an actor; Zachary Robinson, a drummer; Zachary Cole Smith, a rock singer; Zachary Donohue, a figure skater; Zachary Gibson, an actor; Zachary Gordon, an actor; and Zachary Levi, who is also an actor.