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What does the name Zara mean?

The meaning of the name “Zara” is: “Shining, flower”.

Additional information: There are multiple possible origins of the name Zara. Many think it was derived from the name Zaire, the heroine in a play by the same name written by Voltaire. It is said that his inspiration came from the Arabic name Zahrah, which means “blooming flower”. It is also said that the name Zara means “princess” in Arabic as well as in Hebrew. One more possible origin is that it is an alternate form of the female name Sarah, although this is less likely than the other origins.

Although Zara has no commonly used derivatives, similar names include Zaire, Sara, or Lara. Common misspellings of the name include Zarra, Sara, and Zaira. It can be alternately spelled as Zahra or Zahrah. Possible nicknames can be Zee, Zaza, Ara, Zari, Zada, or Zizi.

Since 2005 Zara was in the top 1000 most popular US baby girl names. Popularity of the name Zara has never been higher than 442nd most popular in the US in 2014, but elsewhere in the world it is a much more commonly used name. In 2014 it was also ranked at 67th most popular in the UK and 25th most popular in Australia, representing a peak in its usage.

Celebrities and famous people who share the name Zara include Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips of England; the late Zara Cully, an actress who voiced Mother Jefferson in the cartoon The Jetsons; Zara Larsson, an internationally known Swedish singer; and Zara Turner, a British actress.

The name Zara appears in many fictional works, including Zara as a character from the 2014 movie Jurassic World; Zara Carmichael from the TV series Doctors; Queen Zara from William Congreve’s play The Mourning Bride; and Zara from A Romance of Two Worlds by Marie Corelli.