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What does the name Zoe mean?

The meaning of the name “Zoe” is: “Life”.

Additional information: The origin of the name Zoe comes mainly from the similar Greek word for life 'zoe' (written 'zeta-omega-eta'). It is usually listed as meaning 'life', but it can also mean 'a (means of) living', 'subsistence', 'goods' or 'property'. It was not used as a given name often until around the 11th century with the martyr of two saints by a translated form of this name. In the Hebrew Zoe came from the name Eve, a name that has the same root when taken from the original Greek meaning of life. It is sometimes written with an umlaut over the 'e' ('Zoe') to emphasize the second syllable.

Alternate spellings of Zoe are commonly used in different parts of the world. The spellings Zoey, Zooey, and Zowie are used, with Zoey being just as common as the original name Zoe. In Ukraine, the name Zoe is usually written as Zoya while the name is written as Zoja in Poland. Sometimes the name can be misspelled as Zoie or Zooe. Many people use the nickname Zo, although the long form of the name is most common as the nickname is not much shorter than the actual name.

Zoe has been a very popular name with increasing usage in both English and non English speaking countries. In 2014, it was ranked within the top 20 most popular female baby names in Australia, France, Hungary, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, with the Netherlands ranking it highest at 7th most popular. In the US Zoe was ranked the 32nd most popular female baby name in 2014, and in Canada the name was ranked at number 28. One of the few countries showing a decline in usage of the name is the UK, where the name peaked at 31st most popular in 1997. It went down to 99th most popular in 2014.

Celebrities and famous personalities that share the name Zoe (or Zoey) include Zooey Deschanel, an actress; Zoe the Byzantine empress (1050); Zoe Bell, a stunt-woman and actress; Zoe Birkett, a singer; and Zoe Caldwell, an actress. Zoe was the name of several Byzantine empresses. It was later used as the name of one of the Muppets on the children's TV programme Sesame Street.

Songs that feature the name in their lyrics include Flowers for Zoe by Lenny Kravitz, Zoe Jane by Staind, and Zoe by Luke.