Baby names of Slavic Origin

Slavic baby names are the names originated from Slavic languages used by people in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and parts of Central Europe and the northern parts of Asia. Most common Slavic baby names are used in Slavic countries like Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and other, as until about 1000 AD the Slavs spoke a common language, the ancestor of the Slavic languages of today. See also Russian names, Lithuanian namesUkrainian NamesPolish NamesSlovak NamesCzech NamesCroatian NamesBulgarian NamesSerbian Names for more information about all these Slavic names.

Below you will find a wide selection of Slavic baby names with meaning, for baby boys and baby girls to help you make your choice about naming your baby boy or baby girl.