Pronunciation Guide for Names

Pronunciation Guide – The Name Meaning

The following table is an easy to use pronunciation guide for the names listed in our website We only use characters as pronunciation symbols and examples to understand the difference in pronunciation sounds. Use the following pronunciation guide for names to find the correct pronunciation for the baby name that interest you and understand how it sounds.

Tip: Please note that in different countries the same name may have a different spelling and pronunciation.

amad, gag
Aday, fade, date
AHfather, cart, not
AI– see I-
AWlawn, caught, cawed, caller
AYable, great
Bbook, baby
CHchew, change
Ddig, did, adder
Ebless, get (also EH), bet, bed, peck
EEmeet, elite, beat, evenly, easy
Ffun, fifty, cuff
Ggo, gap, go, big, gift
Hhello, hat, ahead
Ilike, lie (also EYE), site, side, buy, tripe
IHsin, limp, tip, active
Jjelly, job, gem, edge, join
Kcall, can, kin, cook, ache
KH-a guttural K sound, as in the Scottish “loch”, book
Lland, lily, pool
Mmend, murmur, dim, nymph
Nno, own
NGSing, ming, thing
Ogo, know (also OH), bone, know
OIboy, toy (also OY), coin, destroy
OOtool, room, (also “u”)
OWabout, now
Ppour, pepper, lip
Rrent, red, car
Ssend, source, less
SHshow, shy, mission, machine
Tten, tie, attack, late
THthimble, thin, ether
Upull, wood, book
UHjump, but
Vvalue, vivid, invite
Wwill, we, away
WHwhen, while
Yyou, yard, young
Zzing, zone, raise
ZHbeige, vision, azure


Please note that no system of indicating pronunciation is self-explanatory.