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What does the name Abigail mean?

The meaning of the name “Abigail” is: “My Father's joy, father of exaltation”.

Additional information: The name Abigail is a modern form derived from the Hebrew name Avigail. This name is seen in Biblical context with a woman named Abigail being the 3rd wife of King David in the Old Testament. In Hebrew, the meaning of this name is said to be "my Father's joy" or "Rejoice Father". Abigail in the Bible is described as a beautiful and intelligent woman by those who knew her. The name also took on the meaning of "a lady's maid," due in part to its use as the name of a maid in the play The Scornful Lady, by Beaumont and Fletcher, in 1616.

Abigail can be spelled with a few alternate spellings, such as Abegail or Abigayle, but neither of these is commonly used around the world anymore. Some variants found in different countries are Abigel in Hungary and Abi in Scotland. Similar names that may have been derived from Abigail include Gayle, Gail, or Gayla. Many nicknames exist for this popular female name, but some of the most commonly used are Abby, Abbie, Abbi, and Gail.

Abigail is a very popular name in English speaking countries as well as some Spanish speaking countries. In 2014 it was ranked as the 8th most popular female baby name in the US, the 46th most popular in the UK, the 10th most popular in Canada, and the 29th most popular in Australia. At its peak, the name was ranked as the 4th most popular in the US in 2005, the 9th most popular in Canada in 2011, the 19th most popular in the UK in 2004, and the 29th most popular in New Zealand in 2010.

Many famous people share the name Abigail, including these well known ladies: Abigail Breslin, an actress; Abigail Ratchford, a model; Abigail Spencer, an actress; Abigail Klein, an actress; and Abigail Adams, the wife of famous US statesman John Adams.