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What does the name Ezra mean?

The meaning of the name “Ezra” is: “Aid, Helper”.

Additional information: This is a male name that is pronounced as /EZ-Ruh/. It means “help” or “one who gives aid.” It is a Hebrew name with roots in the Bible. It is probably an abbreviation of the Hebrew name Azaryahu. When written in Greek and Latin, the name became Esdras, which later morphed into Ezra. The prophet Ezra of the Old Testament, a priest who returned to Judah from exile in Babylon, also known as Ezra the Scribe or Ezra the Priest, wrote the Book of Ezra in both Hebrew and Christian bibles. He is also mentioned in the Qur’an. Therefore it is shared by both the Islamic and Christian People.

Some variations are Esdras, Ezras and Ezra. There are no feminine forms of the name Ezra. The name Ezra has no known nicknanames since the name is already very short to be shortened more. Also its pronounciation of this name is easy and fast.

As of 2014, Ezra is the 119thmost popular name in the United States. Some of the famous people who go by this name are: Ezra Pound who is an American poet, Ezra Miller who is an American dancer and actor and Ezra Koenig who is an American singer among many others.

The name Ezra has biblical tradition behind it, but it is not a very common name. It’s a great name for someone who wants to pay homage to the modernist poet Ezra Pound, or want your child to have a name that has a strong tradition behind it but also stands out from other boy names. It has been growing in popularity since 2000, climbing from rank 432 to 119 in 2014, so it may become a popular name in the next few years.