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What does the name Kevin mean?

The different meanings of the name Kevin are:
  • American meaning: Little gentle one or handsome
  • Celtic - Gaelic meaning: Handsome and lovable
  • Irish meaning: Handsome, Beautiful at birth
The meaning of the name “Kevin” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Kevin is a masculine name of Irish origin; it is the anglicised form of Caoimhín, which, in turn, came from the older Irish name Cóemgein. Cóemgein came from the Irish words cóem (kind, gentle, handsome) and gein (birth), giving Kevin the meaning ‘Gentle Birth’ or ‘Handsome’. Similar names that also mean ‘Handsome’ include Kenny, Kenzie, and Tevin. Although Kevin is not considered a biblical name, Saint Kevin, the patron saint of Dublin, helped to popularize the name. A common diminutive for Kevin is Kev, and Kevin can also be spelled as Kevyn. Foreign language variants include Kevan (Irish) and Cefin (Welsh). Common misspellings of Kevin include ‘Keven’, ‘Keving’, and ‘Kevn’.

The name Kevin’s popularity improved greatly during the forties and fifties, climbing from being the 332nd most popular name for boys in the USA in 1940 to being in the top twenty names from 1957 until 1979. During this period, Kevin was in the top thousand names for girls in the USA, although it was never as popular as its masculine counterpart. Its popularity has dipped since the seventies, and it was the seventieth most popular name for boys in 2014. Kevin is a less popular name in England and Wales, and was the 180th most popular name for boys in 2014.

Famous celebrities with the name Kevin include actors Kevin Bacon,  Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey and Kevin Kline, and Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline, Kevin Jonas (American musician, member of the Jonas Brothers), and Kevin Rowland (former front-man of the band Dexys Midnight Runners). Fictional characters with the name Kevin include Kevin Dewclaw from the web-comic Kevin and Kell, and Kevin the Teenager from the “Little Brother” sketches in Harry Enfield’s Television Programme.

According to urban legend, baseball player Kevin Mitchell decapitated his girlfriend’s cat, a claim he consistently refuted. However, this rumor was later substantiated by one of Kevin Mitchell’s former teammates, Darryl Strawberry.