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What does the name Lauren mean?

The different meanings of the name Lauren are:
  • American meaning: Crowned with laurels
  • English meaning: A free person A feminine form of Charles, Also see Carla, Carol and Caroline
  • Latin meaning: Man from Laurentum
  • French meaning: Crowned with Laurel
The meaning of the name “Lauren” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Two origins of the name Lauren are considered to be the most likely or most common. It is said to be the female form of the popular male name Laurence, popularized by Lauren Bacall who starred in films with Humphrey Bogart in the 1940's, who used it as her stage name. The other supposed origin derives this name from the name Laurel, meaning “seer of second sight”. Other meanings of the name can be “victory of wisdom” or “sweet honor”.

This name is often thought of as the female version of the male name Laurence or Lawrence. It can be spelled alternately as Loren, Laryn, or Lauryn. Some variations on this name exist, such as Laurena, Lorena, Lorraine, and Laura. Laura is also used sometimes as a short form of the name Lauren, although the most common short form is Lorrie or Laurie. Lauren can take on different forms in various languages and countries. Some examples are the Spanish female name Lorenza and male name Lorenzo, the Dutch names Lourens, Laurens, and Lau, or the Scandinavian male name Lars.

The popularity of the name Lauren peaked in the late 1980s in many countries. In the US, it reached its highest point in 1989 when it was ranked as the 9th most popular female baby name. In the UK, the name peaked at 5th most popular in 1996. Canada saw the name Lauren rise to 11th most popular in 2002. In 2014, it was hailed as the 94th most popular name in the US, the 130th most popular in the UK (excluding Ireland where it was 24th most popular), and 73rd most popular in the Netherlands as well as Canada.

Well known and famous people with the name Lauren include Lauren Elizabeth, an online YouTube star; Lauren Giraldo, a social media Vine personality; Lauren Taylor, an actress; and Lauren London, also an actress.