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What does the name Orien mean?

The meaning of the name “Orien” is: “The Orient, East”.

Additional information: Orien means ‘the rising dawn/ sun’, ‘the east’, ‘heavens light’.

It has links to the indo-european root of “To move, set in motion, to be, exist.” Linked to the Latin “orient” which is the present participle of oriri “to rise”; akin to Sanskrit ṛṇoti “he moves, arises,” Greek ornynai “to rouse”, όρος (oros) “mountain”

Also links to the Greek ωάριον (Oarion),’heaven’s light’, and hebrew or, ‘light’ and ori ‘my light’

Name is closely related to (and sometimes seen as a variant of) Orion which means ‘rising in the sky’ and links to the constellation and the famous greek hunter.