Baby names of Arabic Origin

Arabic baby names are names used in the Arab world and also in some other Muslim parts. Most are of Arabic origin, but not all, some are Greek names, Latin names, Biblical names whereas other are Muslim names. There are also Muslim names that are not Arabic, like Iranian names and Turkish names.

Arabic baby names are based on a long naming system, mostly  inspired by the ninety nine attributes of Allah, as listed in the Qur’an and commonly used as names and many times prefixed by ‘Abd al’  for baby boy and ‘Amah’ for baby girl, meaning ‘servant of…’ following by a noun or adjective from figures or prophets from the Qur’an, or military leader.

Many Arabic baby names are of  Greek origin, Armenian origin, and Assyrian / Aramaic origin.

Nowadays Arabic Names are enriched by the use of European Names, French and others as the westernization of Arabic naming practices takes places in most of the Arabic countries.

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