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What does the name Philomène mean?

The meaning of the name “Philomène” is:

powerful love; lover of strength


Additional information:

Philomène means “friend of strength” or “loved one” (from ancient Greek “philos/φίλος” = friend/beloved, or “philein/φιλεῖν” = to love + “ménos/μένος” = mind/wish/strength/force).

Philomene is a version of Philomena (Greek).

Philomena was the name of a young 3rd-century Italian martyr whose remains were discovered in the Priscilla catacomb in Rome in 1802. In the 19th century, a cult sprung up around her, but 20th-century experts determined that the remains in the inscription were not those of the Philomena in the inscription, and they discovered no proof that she was martyred. Her feast day was abolished in 1961, and her shrine was demolished.

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