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What does the name Vrinda mean?

The meaning of the name “Vrinda” is: “Cluster of flowers; Virtue and strength”.

Additional information: Vrinda is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means 'Basil'. Basil simply or the Holy Basil is a revered plant in India/Hinduism. 'Vrinda' is intricately connected to Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu. Sometimes, it is also used for Goddess Radha and its also said to be the name of one of Krishna's gopis.

Mythology also says that Vrinda was a doctor who married a warrior who eventually became a demon king named Jalandhar. It was Vrinda's faith that saved him from harm. In order to defeat Jalandhar the Gods hatched a plot and Lord Vishnu disguised as Jalandhar tricked Vrinda into believing he was her husband. On finding out the truth Vrinda cursed Vishnu to have a similar fate as hers that he like her would be separated from his wife and then killed herself. The shield of Vrinda's prayers now broken lead to Jalandhar's defeat. In return Vrinda received Vishnu's blessing that from then on there will be an everlasting bond between Vishnu and Vrinda (basil leaf is offered to Vishnu during prayers without which His puja is considered incomplete and there is also a custom followed by some Hindus of getting the Basil plant marry Shaligram, a stone revered as Lord Vishnu) (Lord Vishnu reincarnated as Lord Ram and had to suffer from Vrinda\'s curse of being separated from his wife).