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What does the name Xavier mean?

The different meanings of the name Xavier are:
  • American meaning: Owner of a new home
  • Arabic meaning: Bright
  • Latin meaning: New house
  • Spanish meaning: Owner of a new home
  • Basque meaning: Bright, new house
The meaning of the name “Xavier” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: Xavier is a masculine name of Latin origin, meaning ‘The New House,’ and was the surname of Saint Francis Xavier who was a Catholic missionary to India, Japan, China, and other East Asian countries. Xavier comes from the Basque place name "Etcheberria".

X, Xazi, and Xav are popular diminutives of Xavier, and variants of Xaviera, Xavia, (Xzaviera, Zavia) are popular as feminine forms of Xavier. The spelling and pronunciation varies from language to language, such as the Italian ‘Saverio,’ and the Polish ‘Ksawery.’ Common misspellings include an additional vowel in the beginning of the name –Exavier.

The name Xavier has reached the top hundred names for boys in the United Kingdom and the United States. From 2010-2014, the name saw heights in popularity in the United Kingdom. In the United States Xavier was highly popular from 2006-2012. Xavier was ranked highly in popularity in Portugal from 2011-2014 reaching the top hundred baby names.

Famous people named Xavier include Xavier Henry (American Athlete), Xavier Hernandez (Spanish athlete), Xavier Atencio (American Animator for Disney), and Xavier Davis (American Jazz Pianist). Fictional characters named Xavier include Professor Charles Xavier from the X-Men comics and movie franchise, and Xavier Quinn of The Mighty Quinn, which was a 1989 film starring Denzel Washington.

Saint Francis Xavier was born in the Kingdom of Navarre, which is now part of modern day Spain. He is most famous for the work he did in India. He was also one of the first missionaries to every travel to Japan, Borneo and the Maluku Islands. ­­Saint Francis Xavier was one of the first of the seven Jesuits to take vows of chastity and poverty in 1534. He was Jesuit to go to Japan for missionary work.

Xavier Roberts is a famous American businessman. He is famous for creating and manufacturing the popular children’s toys Cabbage Patch Kids. Cabbage Patch Kids have been produced by Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel, Toys “R” Us, Play along, Jakks Pacific, and most recently Wicked Cool Toys.