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What does the name Justin mean?

The meaning of the name “Justin” is: “Righteous, just, fair”.

Additional information: The most commonly stated origin of the name Justin is from the ancient Greek name Justus. It was derived from another Latin name Lustinus or Justinus. It holds the meaning “just” or “fair”. This name has been used by many saints in the Catholic Church; most notably the Martyr, Saint Justin, who was beheaded in Rome during the 2nd century. There were two Byzantine emperors named Justin.

There are no alternate spellings of Justin, but the feminine forms that exist include Justina and Justine. One of the short forms that are somewhat common is Justy, although this is not used in every country where the name is found.

The popularity of the name Justin has enjoyed high peaks in the 1900s, although popularity was not recorded highly in 2014 in any country. It in the US it was ranked highest as the 6th most popular boy’s name in 2002. It kept a place among the top 20 most popular boy’s name between 1980 and 2003 in the US as well. In Canada it reached 7th most popular in 1988, staying in the top 20 between 1980 and 2000 similarly to the US. In 2014, the ranks rested at 96th most popular in the US, 442nd most popular in England and Wales, 191st most popular in France, and 163rd most popular in the Netherlands. It did not appear within the top 100 in Canada in 2014.

Famous people that share the name Justin include Justin Bieber, a pop singer; Justin Timberlake, a pop artist; Justin Long, an actor; Justin Moore, a country singer; Justin Chambers, an actor; Justin Gabriel, a wrestler; Justin Chon, an actor; Justin Tuck, an NFL player; Justin Theroux, an actor; and Justin Russo, a guitarist.