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What does the name Thomas mean?

The meaning of the name “Thomas” is: “A Twin”.

Additional information: This is a male name and it is pronounced as /TOM-uhs/. It means “a twin.” It was derived from the Aramaic “Ta’oma,” meaning “twin.” It became a popular name for non-twins through the disciple Thomas, whose skepticism about the resurrection of Jesus gave birth to the phrase “doubting Thomas.” More religious figures, like Saint Thomas Becket or Thomas Aquinas, gave the name a boost in popularity in the Middle Ages.

The nicknames that are given to people who go by this name are: Tom, Thom, Tommy and Tommie. A variations of this name is Tomas. The feminine forms of this name are: Thomasina and Tamsin.

The name Thomas is spelt differently in different parts of the world. In Bulgarian it is spelt as Toma, in Finnish it is spelt as Tuomas, in Hungarian as Tomi, Tomas in French, Tomé in Portuguese in , Foma in Russian, Tavish in Scottish and Tomás in Spanish.

As of 2014, Thomas is the 54thmost popular name in the United States. In Canada, it ranks number 14, and number 11 in the United Kingdom. Most of the famous people who are known by this name are: Thomas Edison who is an American inventor, Thomas Jefferson who is an American president, Thomas Cromwell who is an English statesman and advisor to Henry VIII, Tommy Pickles who is a protagonist of Rugrats, Thomas “Tommy” Hilfiger who is an American fashion designer and Tom Cruise the American actor.

Thomas is a very classic name across English-speaking countries. If you are looking for a name that has a lot of tradition behind it, then this is a great choice. It has, however, been declining in popularity in the United States, seemingly replaced by more “in vogue” names. Thomas does remain a popular name in both the U.K. and Canada, however. Thomas has a great variety of nicknames and variations attached to it, since it became a common name in most European countries. A foreign variation like “Tavish” or “Tuomas” may be a unique way to hold onto an old, traditional name.