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What does the name Xilonen mean?

The meaning of the name “Xilonen” is: “Doll of young maize; hairy one”.

Additional information: Xilonen is of Nahuatl origins better known as the language of the Aztecs. It was the name of the young virgin goddess of new harvest. The name is made up of two Nahuatl words which are xilotl = ear of young maize and nenetl = doll. Therefore the name comes to mean doll of young maize.

In Nicaragua it became a very popular name in the mid 80's after the revolution, as there was a maize fair in a city called Esteli and many people started using it as a name (along with Xochilt). However it's usually spelled with an M at the end instead of N. It's not very common and a lot of people have a hard time pronouncing it, it's mostly popular in Esteli (northern part of the country). It's pronounced See-Low-Nehm and the most popular nickname is Xilo (See-Low). In Spanish it would be pronounced See-Lo-Nehm (Like Ceelo Green).

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