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What does the name Layla mean?

The different meanings of the name Layla are:
  • African meaning: Born at Night
  • American meaning: Wine; dark beauty
  • Arabic meaning: As intoxicating as wine
The meaning of the name “Layla” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available.

Additional information: The name means "night" in Arabic. This was the name of the object of romantic poems written by the 7th-century poet Qays. The story of poet Qays and Layla became a popular romance in medieval Arabia and Persia. Layla was a beautiful girl with whom the poet Majnun fell in love.  When Majnun asked for her hand in marriage, Layla's father refused to give his permission to the match.  Layla was married off to another man and later died.  Majnun's love for Layla eventually drove him mad - indeed, the name Majnun means "madness" or "madman".

In Arabic the name Layla is an adjective citing about the deepness of night, the name Layla also means the intoxication of wine in the Arabic language.

The legend of Layla and Majnun later became a popular romance in medieval Iran and use of the name spread accordingly; the name also gained popularity further in the Muslim countries, in Turkic people, in the Balkans and in India.

The name has also been followed in the English-speaking world, especially after the 1970 popular song "Layla" by Derek and the Dominos, the title of which may have been stimulated by the medieval romance.

The names is adorned by celebs like boxer Laila Ali, TV actress Layla Kayleigh, Layla Ann-Lee, Layla Crawford and singer Layla Iskandar to name a few.

Layla's seen a significant gush in popularity, partly due to its affinity with hugely successful Kayla and partly because of the belief that it’s stylish to have a girl name that has a double l like Lila, Leila, Lily, Lillian, and so on.

Layla has trended up the charts to the Top 30 today in U.S, it's also in the Top 30 in the UK and Australia. The year when the name Layla was most popular is 2014.For 2014, the number of births with name Layla represented 0.332 percent of total in U.S.

The name due to its huge popularity has featured in urban legends. The story of Layla and Majnun began in the Arabian desert of the 7th century with the tragic, ʿUdhri love story of Qays ibn alMulawwah and his beloved Layla’.

Laila, Leila, Leyla in Arabic, Leila, Laila, Leilah, Lela, Leyla, Lila, Lyla in English are the common alternate spellings of the name.

The name has different versions in other languages like: Leyla in Azerbaijani, Lejla in Bosnian, Leila as Georgian, Leila, Leyla in Persian, and Leyla as Turkish.