Baby names of English / British Origin

English Origin Names, English origin baby names
English and British baby names are the names of English Origin. They are not only used in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but worldwide in all English speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom,  Australia, among other regions. The English language originated in the early medieval ages in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England. The language has become one of the most widely used languages in the entire world today.

Most English baby names are derived from other origins like Anglo-Saxon, Old English, Celtic, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, German, Old Norse, Biblical and others.

English baby names are commonly used worldwide because of the massive use of English language and choosing an English name for your baby boy or baby girl is an exceptional name choice.

Below you will find a wide selection of English origin baby names and British origin baby names along with meaning, pronunciation and additional information regarding the chosen name.