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What does the name Sara mean?

The meaning of the name “Sara” is: “Princess”.

Additional information: Sara is an alternative spelling of the name Sarah. This name is first known as the wife of Abraham (Ibrahim) in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles as well as the Quran. It holds the meaning "Woman of high rank" or "princess" in the original Hebrew. In the Modern Hebrew language, it can also be used to mean "woman minister".

As previously mentioned, Sara is an alternate way of spelling the name Sarah. These are the only two spellings normally used for the name. Some variations in different countries around the world include Saara, Sera, Sarra, Kala, Sarit, Sarika, and Suri. Nicknames that are used by some women named Sara are Sarita (mostly in Spanish speaking countries), Sadie, or Sarina.

In Persian Sara has various meanings which include the following: pure, excellent, veracious/ truthful, genuine.

Popularity of the name Sara has been consistently high in many nations around the world up until 2014. In the US, the name has never been recorded below the top 200 most popular female names since 1880 and in many cases did not go below the top 150, peaking at 26th most popular in 1981 and showing at 167th most popular in 2014. Also, in 2014 the name was the most popular in Slovenia, the 2nd most popular in Galicia, the 3rd most popular in Iceland, Switzerland, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, 6th most popular in Croatia, 8th most popular in Italy, and 9th most popular in Spain with many other top 100 appearances in other areas of the world as well.

Famous people and celebrities who have the name Sara include Sara Bareilles, a singer; Sara Evans, a singer; Sara Ramirez, an actress; Sara Paxton, an actress; Sara Nuru, a model; Sara Errani, a tennis player; Sara McLachlan, a singer; and Sara McMann, an MMA fighter.