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What does the name Sebastian mean?

The meaning of the name “Sebastian” is: “Majestic; venerable; man from Sebaste”.

Additional information: Sebastian is a masculine name with Latin and Greek origins. It came from the Latin name Sebastianus, which meant ‘person from the city of Sebaste’, an ancient name for Sivas, Turkey. The word Sebaste, in turn, came from the Greek Sebastos (‘venerable’), sebas (‘awe, reverence, dread’), and sebomai (‘awed, scruple, be ashamed’). Although a relatively elaborate name, Sebastian as some simple diminutives to use as nicknames, such as Seb, Bas, and Bastian. Feminine variants of Sebastian include Bastienne, Sebastienne, Sebastiana, and Seva. Sebastian was the name of a Christian saint, and because of the saint’s popularity the name spread across Europe, giving Sebastian many alternative foreign spellings – for example, the French Sébastien, the Russian Sevastyan, and the Slovenian Sebastijan. Sebastian is sometimes misspelled as ‘Sebastion’, ‘Sabastian’, and ‘Sebastain’.

The name Sebastian saw sporadic popularity during much of the twentieth century, and struggled to get into the top five hundred names for boys in the USA. It wasn’t until 2000 that the name reached the top hundred names at #81, and its popularity has only increased from there – in 2014, it was the 34th most popular name for boys. A similar popularity increase is noticeable in the figures for England and Wales, with Sebastian reaching 96th in 2002 and climbing to 38th by 2013.

Famous people named Sebastian include Sebastian Faulks (British author), Sebastian Cabot (British actor), and Johann Sebastian Bach (German composer). Fictional characters with the name Sebastian are Lord Sebastian Flyte from the novel Brideshead Revisted, Sebastian Smythe from the television Glee, and Sebastian the Crab from the Disney film The Little Mermaid. The name is also used by William Shakespeare in his plays "The Tempest" and "Twelfth Night".

Part of Portuguese and Brazilian mythology revolves around a concept called Sebastianism; it is believed that the sleeping king, Sebastian of Portugal, will rise again to save Portugal and lead it into its Fifth Empire.