American Names and Native American Names

American names once use to be so simple and plain. But American names seem to carry on so many different meanings or purposes now. When it comes to American name meanings for American baby names it now has an entirely different purpose in mind by the birthing parents. Choosing a name for your baby may be one of the hardest decisions you may ever come across, so keep on reading to get some help with your decision whether you are searching for a classic American Name or for some new trendy and unique American Names or Native American names.

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American Baby Names

The Unique characteristics of American names include a frequent use of family names. In the past baby names use to just be simple, like John the 3rd or Bob the 2nd for American names for boys. For American names for girls in the past it used to be like Karen or Mary. American names for boys in the past use to carry the name of the birth father’s first name, for example: 2nd or 3rd.

As for American names for girls it came more from being simple but proper in society. Since younger women back then needed to have a standard position in the likes of society’s eyes. Many names are invented names, from the long historical experience of slavery and later emancipation – See African American Names. These names are used in the United States of America and other countries of the American Epirus including Canada and Mexico but also used in many other English speaking countries of the world. See also American Origin baby names.

American Baby Names Meanings

All of this has changed for American baby names and the name meanings. Now boys and girls baby names can range from the name of a popular actor or actress, even to a famous poets name. Some baby boy names still stick to tradition in the family such as 2nd or 3rd. But this has kind of changed more to the liking of what the actual birthing parents are interested in. Many names still continue to derive from books such as the bible, places names and other historical or mythological names. Most names now are from what the parents decide is their personal view or thought. Names are more unique and cool now, and can range from a name of a fruit for a girl’s name to the name of a famous basketball player for a boy’s name. This is much different than the Native American names.

Native American Names

Native American baby names are the names originated from various indigenous ethnic groups which inhabited North and South America ,the aboriginal people in Canada and the indigenous people in Alaska and generally the wide subsets of these peoples, such as those sharing certain cultures and languages like Indians, Eskimos, Inuit and others.

Native American names in the past were related to certain natural items, environment surroundings, colors or animals during that time period. This also played a part depending on which tribe or ethnic group the baby was from as well. Native American baby names have changed a little bit. But for the most part Native American baby names still hold to the tribal traditions of naming that baby through the birth parents and the surroundings or spiritual happenings within that tribe.

American Names And Native American Names

Native American Names Meanings

Native American names for boys can range from Achak, meaning “spirit” to Gad meaning “juniper tree”. As you can see these names derive from different situations and environments of the tribe. Achak comes from the tribe of the Algonquin. Gad comes from the tribe of the Navajo.
Native American names for boys has and usually will always relate to the tribe or ethnic group and the matter at hand, whether it is related to the actual baby and what he is or will become.

Native American names for girls are treated about the same as with the boys. But, the difference is most baby girl names will be related to the inner surrounding. Native American names for girls will have more delicate names such as, Galilahi meaning “attractive” by the Cherokee tribe or Len meaning “flute” by the Hopi tribe. These names still carry on in the Native American name meanings on how they were derived.

As with most history of the name meanings, it is always important to honor and respect the name of that baby boy or girl of that specific Native American tribe.

Either way you may look at it, Native American baby names seem to still stick with traditional way of giving birth names, in many parts of the America which are still populated by indigenous Americans like Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, Ecuador, and Greenland, unlike some names that changed through time and generations. Native American names often have thoughtful meanings which make them a great choice when it comes to naming your baby boy or baby girl.

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