Shakespeare Baby Names – Boy and Girl Names inspired by Shakespeare

Baby names inspired by William Shakespeare

The vast quantity of names in Shakespearean works already gives a plethora of names from which you can pick your favourite name if you are looking for a suitable name for your child. Shakespeare baby names form an interesting avenue of reliving the great literary works of this literary legend.

Shakespeare managed to create names for all personality types; therefore, it makes it possible for you to pick the name of your favorite character. The 35 plays created by Shakespeare are full of so many charismatic characters that you’ll most likely be spoilt for choices.

Shakespeare baby names will give your child some uniqueness and exclusivity as it reminds everyone in the family of the theatre experiences. Who knows? Maybe one day your child will grow up to become a Shakespeare. Anyway, that is not the point. The point is that the names are quite, and they may be exotic, depending on which country you are in.

Shakespearian Characters

For instance, if you have twins of different sexes, the famous Romeo and Juliet can be a perfect combination for them. It is like killing two birds with one stone. The only danger is that when they grow up people way confuse them for a couple. Anyway, who cares? So long as the name has some flavour, everything is cool.

Shakespeare boy names

There are also many Shakespeare boy names to pick from. Some examples of boy names include; Arthur (from King John), Abram (From Romeo and Juliet), Lorenzo (from The Merchant of Venice), and Bartholemew (from The Taming of the Shrew), among many others. It is worth emphasizing that the name you pick should conform to the personality of the baby boy, or what you would like him to become.

Shakespeare girl names

Similarly, there are also hundreds of Shakespeare girl names to choose from the stack of names that appear in Shakespeare’s works.  Some of the names may include the following: Valeria (from Coriolanus), Adriana (from The Comedy of errors), Silvia (from The Two Gentlemen of Verona), and Phoebe (from As You like It), among many other names.

Literary characters names

Shakespeare names are most likely to excite you if you are a fan of literature. You can look at it as part of the practical way of living the literary life by adopting literary boy names and literary girl names as the names for your kids. See also Literary characters names.

Literature is part of life, and as you live it, you learn to appreciate it more and more. Of course, there are other reasons that may motivate people to name their children after literary characters such as play names, novel baby names, and so on.

All in all, you should exercise total freedom when it comes to choosing names for your baby. After all, there are few areas where you’ll have similar total freedom of choice. However, choose a name that will please everyone, including the baby himself/herself when he/she grows up.

This is where you have to strike the fine balance between naming the baby after your favourite character and picking a pleasant name.

Few writers wrote as beautifully about love, as William Shakespeare. To consider the many colors and moods of love, visit for the best Shakespeare quotes on love with interpretation for each quote, which describes the importance of the quotation to the story of love.

Shakespeare Baby Names - Baby Names Inspired By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Baby Names Baby Names Inspired By William Shakespeare

Male Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays
Male Shakespearean Names – Shakespeare boy names

NamePlay appeared inAlso known as
AaronTitus Andronicus
Lord AbergavennyHenry VIII
AbhorsonMeasure for Measure
Master Abraham SlenderThe Merry Wives of Windsor
AbramRomeo & JulietAbraham
AchillesTroilus & Cressida
AdamAs You Like It
AdrianThe Tempest, Coriolanus
AdrianoLove's Labour Lost
AegeonComedy of Errors
AemiliusTitus Andronicus
Aemilius LepidusJulius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra
AeneasTroilus & Cressida
AgamemnonTroilus & Cressida
AgrippaAntony & Cleopatra
AjaxTroilus & Cressida
AlarbusTitus Andronicus
AlcibiadesTimon of Athens
AlexanderTroilus & Cressida, Henry V, Henry V(part II)
AlexasAntony & Cleopatra
AlonsoThe Tempest
AmiensAs You Like It
Andrew Aguecheek (Sir)Twelfth Night
AngeloMeasure for Measure, Comedy of Errors
AntenorTroilus & Cressida
AnthonyHenry VIII, Love's Labour's Lost, Richard III, Henry VI (part III)
AntigonusA Winter's Tale
AntipholusComedy of Errors
AntonioMerchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night, The Tempest
AntonioTwo Gentlemen of Verona, Much Ado About Nothing,The Merchant of Venice,The Tempest,Twelfth Night
ApemantusTimon of Athens
ArchidamusA Winter's Tale
ArielThe Tempest
ArtemidorusJulius Caesar
ArthurKing John 
ArviragusCymbeline Cadwal,Aruiragus
Augustus CaesarAntony and CleopatraOctavian, Octavianus, Octavius
AutolucusA Winter's Tale
AsnathHenry VI (Part II)
BagotRichard II
BalthasarMerchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo & Juliet, Comedy of Errors
BaptistaTaming of the Shrew
BardolphMerry Wives of Windsor, Henry V, Henry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II),
BarnardineMeasure for Measure
BartholemewTaming of the ShrewBartholomew
BassanioMerchant of Venice
BassetHenry VI (Part I)
BassianusTitus Andronicus
BassettKing Henry VI
BatesHenry V
BenedictMuch Ado About NothingBenedick
BenvolioRomeo & Juliet
BerowneLove's Labour Lost
Lord BerkeleyRichard II
BertramAll's Well that Ends Well 
BiondelloTaming of the Shrew
BironLove's Labour's Lost
BorachioMuch Ado About Nothing
BottomMidsummer Night's Dream
Admiral BourbonHenry VI (Part III)
BoyetLove's Labour Lost
BrandonHenry VIII
BushyRichard II
Butts (Dr.)Henry VIII
CaiusTitus Andronicus, King Lear
Caius (Dr.)Merry Wives of Windsor
Caius LuciusCymbeline
Caius MarciusCoriolanus
Caius CassiusJulius CaesarCassius
Caius LigariusJulius CaesarLigarius
Caius ProculeiusAntony and Cleopatra
CalchasTroilus and Cressida
CalibanThe Tempest
CambioTaming of the Shrew
CamidiusAntony and CleopatraCandidius
CamilloA Winter's Tale
CaphisTimon of Athens
CapuciusHenry VIII
CapuletRomeo & Juliet
CascaJulius Caesar
CatoJulius Caesar
CesarioTwelfth Night
CharlesAs You Like It, Henry V, Henry VI (Part I)
ChatillonKing John
ChironTitus Andronicus
ChristopherTaming of the Shrew 
Christophero SlyTaming of the Shrew
CiceroJulius Caesar
ClachasTroilus & Cressida
CinaJulius CaesarCinna the Poet
ClaudioMuch Ado About Nothing, Measure for Measure
ClaudiusHamlet, Julius Caesar
CleomenesA Winter's Tale
ClitusJulius Caesar
CobwebMidsummer Night's Dream
ConradeMuch Ado About Nothing
CorinAs You Like It
CorneliusHamlet, Cymbeline
CostardLove's Labour Lost
CourtHenry V
CranmerHenry VIII
CromwellHenry VIII
CupidTimon of Athens
CuranKing Lear
CurioTwelfth Night
CurtisTaming of the Shrew
DardaniusJulius Caesar
DavyHenry IV (Part II)
Decius BrutusJulius Caesar
DecretasAntony & Cleopatra
DeiphobusTroilus & Cressida
DemetriusAntony & Cleopatra, Midsummer Night's Dream, Titus Andronicus
DennisAs You Like It
Dick the ButcherHenry VI (Part II)
DiomedesAntony & Cleopatra, Troilus & Cressida
DionA Winter's Tale
DogberryMuch Ado About Nothing
DolabellaAntony & Cleopatra
Domitus EnobarbusAntony & Cleopatra
DromioComedy of Errors
DullLove's Labour Lost
Lord DumainAll's Well That Ends Well
DumaineLove's Labour Lost, All's Well That Ends Well
DurdaniusJulius Caesar
EdgarKing Lear
EdmundKing Lear, Henry IV (Part I),  Henry IV (Part III)Edmund Mortimer
EdwardHenry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II),  Henry IV (Part III), Richard IIIEdward IV, Prince Edward, Prince Edward of Westminster, Edward Poins
EgeonThe Comedy of Errors
EgeusMidsummer Night's Dream
EglamourTwo Gentlemen of Verona
ElbowMeasure for Measure
EmmanuelHenry VI (Part II)
ErosAntony & Cleopatra
EscalusMeasure for Measure, Romeo & JulietPrince Escalus
EuphroniusAntony and Cleopatra
FabianTwelfth Night
Falstaff (Sir John)Merry Wives of Windsor
FangHenry IV (Part II)
FentonMerry Wives of WindsorMaster Fenton
FerdinandThe Tempest, Love's Labour Lost
FesteTwelfth Night
FlaminiusTimon of Athens
FlaviusTimon of Athens, Julius Caesar
FlorizelA Winter's TaleFloritzel
FluellenHenry VCaptain Fluellen
FordMerry Wives of Windsor
FrancisMuch Ado About Nothing, Henry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II), A Midsummer Night's DreamFriar Francis, Francis Feeble, Francis Flute
Frank FordThe Merry Wives of WindsorMaster Frank Ford
FranciscoHamlet, The Tempest
FrederickAs You Like ItDuke Frederick
FrothMeasure for Measure
GadshillHenry IV (Part I)
GaiusAntony and Cleopatra, Julius CaesarGaius Maecenas, Gaius Trebonius
GanymedeAs You Like It
GallusAntony & Cleopatra
GeorgeThe Merry Wives of Windsor , Henry VI (Part III), Richard IIIMaster George Page, George Plantagenet, George Plantagenet, Clarence
GobboThe Merchant of Venice
GonerilKing Lear 
GonzaloThe Tempest
GowerHenry V,Henry IV (Part II)Captain Gower
GrandpréHenry VLord Grandpre
GratianoMerchant of Venice, Othello
GreenRichard II
GregoryRomeo & Juliet
GremioTaming of the Shrew
GriffithHenry VIII
GrumioTaming of the Shrew
HamletHamletPrince Hamlet
HarcourtHenry IV (Part II)
Lord HastingsHenry IV (Part II), Henry IV (Part III), Richard III
HectorTroilus & Cressida
HelenusTroilus & Cressida
HenryRichard II, Richard III, King John, Henry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II), Henry V, Henry VI (Part I), Henry VI (Part II), Henry V, Henry VI (Part III), Henry VIIIHenry Earl of Richmond, Prince Henry, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Henry, Henry VII Tudor, Henry VIII, Cardinal Henry Beaufort, Henry Bolingbroke, Sir Henry Guildford, Henry Percy, Lord Henry Scroop
HeroMuch Ado About Nothing 
HolgernesLove's Labour Lost
HolofernesLove's Labour's Lost
HortensioTaming of the Shrew
HortensiusTimon of Athens
HostiliusTimon of Athens
HubertKing John
Hugh Evans (Sir)Merry Wives of Windsor
Hugh Mortimer (Sir)Henry VI (Part III)
HumphreyHenry IV (Part II), Henry VI (Part II), Henry VI (Part III)Duke Humphrey, Prince Humphrey, Lord Humphrey Stafford, Sir Humphrey Stafford
HymenAs You Like It
IsidoreTimon of Athens
Jack CadeHenry VI (Part II)
James Blunt (Sir)Richard III, Henry VI (Part II), King JohnJames Blunt (Sir), Lord James Fiennes Say, James Gurney, Sir James Tyrrel
JamyHenry VCaptain Jamy
JaquesAs You Like ItJaques de Bois
John (Don)Much Ado About Nothing
John (Friar)Romeo & Juliet
JohnKing John, Richard II, Richard III, Henry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II),Henry VI (Part I), Henry VI (Part II), Henry VI (Part III), Henry V, King John, The Merry Wives of WindsorJohn of Gaunt, John the Bastard of Orleans, Lord John, Prince John, John Bates, Lord John Bigot, Sir John Blunt, John Clifford, Sir John Coleville, Sir John Falstaff, Sir John Fastolfe, John Holland, John Hume, Sir John Montgomery, Sir John Mortimer, John Morton, John Rugby, Sir John Somerville, John Southwell, Sir John Stanley, John Talbot
JosephTaming of the Shrew
Julius CaesarJulius Caesar
Junius BrutusCoriolanus
LafewAll's Well That Ends WellLafeu
LaurenceTwo Gentlemen of Verona
LauncelotThe Merchant of Venice(Lancelot)
Launcelot GobboMerchant of Venice
Laurence (Friar)Romeo & Juliet
LavatchAll's Well That Ends Well
Lear (King)King Lear
LeBeauAs You Like It
LeonardoMerchant of Venice
LeonatoMuch Ado About Nothing
LeontesA Winter's Tale
LewisKing John, Henry V, Henry VI (Part III)Lewis the Dauphin, Lewis the Dauphin, Lewis XI
LicioTaming of the Shrew
LongavilleLove's Labour Lost
LorenzoMerchant of Venice
LucentioTaming of the Shrew
LuciliusTimon of Athens, Julius CaesarLucillius
LucioMeasure for Measure
LuciusJulius Caesar, Timon of Athens, Titus AndronicusYoung Lucius
LucullusTimon of Athens
LymogesKing John
LysanderMidsummer Night's Dream
MacmorrisHenry V
MalvolioTwelfth Night
MamilliusA Winter's Tale
MarcadeLove's Labour Lost
Young MarciusCoriolanusMartius
Marcus Aemilius LepidusAntony and Cleopatra(Lepidus)
Marcus AndonicusTitus Andronicus
Marcus AntoniusJulius Caesar
Marcus BrutusJulius CaesarMarcus Junius Brutus
MardianAntony & Cleopatra
MargarelonTroilus & Cressida
Mark AntonyAntony & Cleopatra, Julius CaesarMarcus
MartiusTitus Andronicus
Matthew GoughHenry VI (Part II)
MecaenusAntony & Cleopatra
MelunKing JohnCount Melun
MenasAntony & Cleopatra
MenecratesAntony & Cleopatra
MenelausTroilus & Cressida
Menenius VelutusCoriolanusMenenius Agrippa
MercadeLove's Labour's Lost
MercutioRomeo & Juliet
MessalaJulius Caesar
Metellus CimberJulius Caesar
MichaelHenry IV (Part I), Henry V, OthelloSir Michael, Michael Cassio, Michael Williams
MontagueRomeo & Juliet
MontjoyHenry V
MortonHenry IV (Part II)
MothMidsummer Night's Dream, Love's Labour Lost
MountjoyHenry V
MurellusJulius Caesar
MustardseedMidsummer Night's Dream
MutiusTitus Andronicus
NathanielLove's Labour Lost, Taming of the ShrewSir Nathaniel
NestorTroilus & Cressida
NicholasTaming of the Shrew, Henry VIIISir Nicholas Vaux
Nick BottomA Midsummer Night's Dream
NymHenry V, Merry Wives of WindsorNim
OberonMidsummer Night's Dream
OctaviusJulius Caesar
Octavius CaesarAntony & Cleopatra
Oliver Martext (Sir)As You Like It
Oliver de BoisAs You Like It
OlivierAs You Like It
OrlandoAs You Like It
OrsinoTwelfth NightDuke Orsino
OswaldKing Lear
Owen GlendowerHenry IV (Part I)Owain
PandarusTroilus & Cressida
Cardinal PandolfKing JohnPandulph
PanthinoTwo Gentlemen of Verona
Count ParisRomeo and Juliet
ParisRomeo & Juliet, Troilus & Cressida
ParollesAll's Well that Ends Well 
PatroclusTroilus & Cressida
PeaseblossomMidsummer Night's Dream
Pedro (Don)Much Ado About Nothing
PeterRomeo & Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, King John, Henry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II), Henry VI (Part II), A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merry Wives of WindsorPeter of Pomfret, Peter Bullcalf, Peter Quince, Peter Simple, Peter Thump
Peter (Friar)Measure for Measure
PetoHenry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II)
PetruchioTaming of the Shrew, Romeo and JulietPetruccio
PhilarioCymbelinePhilharmonus, Filario
PhilipTaming of the Shrew, King JohnPhilip the Bastard, Philip II of France
PhiloAntony & Cleopatra
PhilostrateMidsummer Night's Dream
PhilotusTimon of Athens
Sir Piers ExtonRichard II
PinchComedy of ErrorsDoctor Pinch
PindarusJulius Caesar
PistolHenry IV (Part II), Henry V, Merry Wives of Windsor
PolixenesA Winter's TaleKing Polixenes
PompeyMeasure for Measure 
Popilius LenaJulius Caesar
Posthumus LeonatusCymbeline
PriamTroilus & Cressida
ProculeiusAntony & Cleopatra
ProsperoThe Tempest
ProteusTwo Gentlemen of Verona
PubliusJulius Caesar, Titus Andronicus
Publius VentidiusAntony and CleopatraVentidius
PuckMidsummer Night's Dream
QuinceMidsummer Night's Dream
QuintusTitus Andronicus
Ralph MouldyHenry IV (Part II)
RamburesHenry VLord Rambures
Duke Reignier of AnjouHenry VI (Part I)René
Duke Richard of ClarenceRichard III
Earl RichardHenry V
RichardRichard II, Richard III, Henry IV (Part I), Henry VI (Part I), Henry VI (Part II), Henry VI (Part III),Richard II, Richard Plantagenet, Richard III, Lord Richard Grey, Sir Richard Ratcliff, Richard Scroop, Sir Richard Vernon
Sir Robert BrakenburyRichard III
RinaldoAll's Well that Ends Well 
RobertKing John, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Henry IV (Part II)Robert Falconbridge, Robert Shallow
RobinMerry Wives of Windsor, A Midsummer Night's DreamRobin Starveling
Robin Goodfellow (Puck)Midsummer Night's Dream
Roger BolingbrokeHenry VI (Part II)
RomeoRomeo & Juliet
RossMacbethLord Ross
RugbyMerry Wives of Windsor
Sir Rowland de BoisAs You Like It
RumourHenry IV (Part II)
SalisburyHenry V
SalerioMerchant of Venice Salarino
SampsonRomeo & Juliet
SaturninusTitus Andronicus
Saunder SimpcoxHenry VI (Part II)
ScarusAntony & Cleopatra
SebastianThe Tempest, Twelfth Night
SeleucusAntony & Cleopatra
SemproniusTimon of Athens, Titus Andronicus
Sextus PompeiusAntony & Cleopatra
ShallowMerry Wives of Windsor
ShylockMerchant of Venice
Sicilius LeonatusCymbeline
Sicinius VelutusCoriolanus
SilenceHenry IV (Part II)
SiliusAntony and Cleopatra
SilviusAs You Like It
Simon ShadowHenry IV (Part II)
SimpleMerry Wives of Windsor
SiwardMacbethEarl Siward, Young Siward
Smith the WeaverHenry VI (Part II)
SlenderMerry Wives of Windsor
SnareHenry IV (Part II)
SneakHenry IV (Part II)
SnoutMidsummer Night's Dream
SnugMidsummer Night's Dream
SolanioMerchant of Venice
SolinusComedy of Errors
SpeedTwo Gentlemen of Verona
StarvelingMidsummer Night's Dream
Lord StanleyRichard III
StephanoMerchant of Venice, The TempestStefano
Stephen GardinerHenry VIII
Sir Stephen ScroopRichard II
StratoJulius Caesar
Lord TalbotHenry VI (Part I)
TaurusAntony & Cleopatra
ThersitesTroilus & Cressida
TheseusMidsummer Night's Dream
ThidiasAntony & Cleopatra
ThomasMeasure for Measure, Henry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II), Henry V, Henry VI (Part I), Henry VI (Part II), Henry VIII, Richard II, Richard IIIFriar Thomas, Duke Thomas, Lord Thomas Clifford, Thomas Cranmer, Thomas Cromwell, Sir Thomas Erpingham, Sir Thomas Gargrave, Sir Thomas Grey, Thomas Horner, Sir Thomas Lovell, Lord Thomas Mowbray, Thomas Percy, Lord Thomas Scales, Sir Thomas Vaughan, Thomas Wart, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
ThurioTwo Gentlemen of Verona
TimeThe Winter's Tale
TimonTimon of Athens
TitiniusJulius Caesar
TitusCoriolanus, Timon of Athens, Antony and CleopatraTitus Lartius, Titus Statilius Taurus
Titus AndronicusTitus Andronicus
TobyTwelfth Night Sir Toby Belch
Tom SnoutA Midsummer Night's Dream
Toby Belch (Toby)Twelfth Night
TouchstoneAs You Like It
TraversHenry IV (Part II)
TranioTaming of the Shrew
TrinculoThe Tempest
TroilusTroilus and Cressida
TubalMerchant of Venice
Tullus AufidusCoriolanusTullus Aufidius
TybaltRomeo & Juliet
UlyssesTroilus & Cressida
ValentineTitus Andronicus, Twelfth Night, Two Gentlemen of Verona
VarriusAntony & Cleopatra, Measure For Measure
VarroJulius Caesar, Timon of Athens
VauxHenry VI (Part II)
VencentioTaming of the Shrew 
VentidiusTimon of Athens, Antony & Cleopatra
VergesMuch Ado About Nothing
VernonKing Henry VI
VincentioMeasure for Measure, Taming of the ShrewDuke Vincentio
VintnerHenry IV (Part I)
VolumniusJulius Caesar
WalterRichard II, Richard III, Henry IV (Part I), Henry VI (Part II)Sir Walter Blunt, Lord Walter Fitzwalter, Sir Walter Herbert, Walter Whitmore
WarwickHenry V
WestmorelandHenry V
WilliamAs You Like It, Richard II, Richard III, Henry VI (Part I), Henry VI (Part II), Henry VI (Part III), Henry VIII, The Merry Wives of WindsorSir William Brandon, Sir William Catesby, Sir William Glasdale, Sir William Lucy, William Page, Sir William Sands, William Stafford, Sir William Stanley, Lord William Willoughby
WoodvileHenry VI (Part I)



Female Characters in Shakespeare’s Plays
Female Shakespearean Names – Shakespeare girl names

NameAppeared inAlso known as
Adrian VolsceCoriolanus
AdrianaComedy of Errors
AemiliaComedy of Errors
AliceHenry IV
Mistress Alice FordThe Merry Wives of Windsor
AlienaAs You Like It
AndromacheTroilus & Cressida
AnneMerry Wives of Windsor, Henry VIII, Richard IIIAnne Boleyn, Anne Page, Lady Anne
ArielThe Tempest
AudreyAs You Like It
BaptistaTaming of the Shrew 
BeatriceMuch Ado About Nothing
BiancaTaming of the Shrew, Othello
Lady BonaHenry VI (Part III)
Lady BlancheKing John
CalpurniaJulius Caesar
CassandraTroilus & Cressida
CeliaAs You Like It
CeresThe Tempest
CharmianAntony & Cleopatra
Dame Eleanor CobhamHenry VI (Part II)
CleopatraAntony & Cleopatra
ConstanceKing JohnLady Constance
CordeliaKing Lear
CressidaTroilus & Cressida
DianaAll's Well that Ends Well, Pericles
Doll TearsheetHenry IV (Part II)
DorcasWinter's Tale
EmiliaWinter's Tale, Othello
Queen EleanorKing John
ElizabethHenry VI (Part III), Henry VIII, Richard IIILady Elizabeth Grey, Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth
Lady FalconbridgeKing John
FranciscaMeasure for MeasureFrancesca
GertrudeHamletQueen Gertrude
GonerilKing Lear
HelenTroilus & Cressida, CymbelineHelen of Troy
HelenaMidsummer Night's Dream, All's Well that Ends Well
HermiaMidsummer Night's Dream
HermioneWinter's Tale
HeroMuch Ado About Nothing
HippolytaMidsummer Night's Dream
ImogeneCymbelinePrincess Imogen
IrasAntony & Cleopatra
IrisThe Tempest
IsabelHenry V
IsabellaMeasure for Measure
JaquenettaLove's Labour's Lost 
JessicaMerchant of Venice
Joan la PucelleHenry VI (Part I)(Jeanne)
JuliaTwo Gentlemen of Verona
JulietRomeo & Juliet, Measure for Measure
JunoThe Tempest
Kate PercyHenry IV (Part I), Henry IV (Part II)
KatharinaTaming of the ShrewCatharina
KatharineLove's Labour's LostCatharine
Queen KatharineHenry VIII(Katherine)
Katherina MinolaTaming of the Shrew(Kate, Katherine)
LaviniaTitua Andronicus
LuceComedy of Errors
LucettaTwo Gentlemen of Verona
LucianaComedy of Errors
Mistress Margaret PageThe Merry Wives of Windsor
MargaretMuch Ado About Nothing, Henry VI (Part II)Queen Margaret
Margery JordanHenry IV (Part II)
MariaTwelfth Night, Love's Labour's Lost 
MarianaAll's Well that Ends Well, Measure for Measure
Lady MacbethMacbeth
Lady MacduffMacbeth
Lady Maud NorthumberlandHenry IV (Part II)
MirandaThe Tempest
MopsaWinter's Tale
Lady MortimerHenry IV (Part II)
NellThe Comedy of Errors
NerissaMerchant of Venice
OctaviaAntony & Cleopatra
OliviaTwelfth Night
Mistress OverdoneMeasure For Measure
PatienceHenry VIII
PaulinaWinter's Tale
PerditaWinter's Tale
PhoebeAs You Like ItPhebe
PhryniaTimon of Athens
PortiaMerchant of Venice, Julius Caesar
Mistress QuicklyMerry Wives of Windsor, Henry IV
ReganKing Lear
RosalindAs You Like It
RosalineRomeo & Juliet
SilviaTwo Gentlemen of Verona
SycoraxThe Tempest
TamoraTitua Andronicus
TimandraTimon of Athens
TitaniaMidsummer Night's Dream
UrsulaMuch Ado About Nothing
ViolaTwelfth Night
ViolentaAll's Well that Ends Well