Baby Names Meaning Strong Collection – The Top Tough Names List

Being strong does not only mean physical strength but as a whole, in every aspect of a person. A strong person can withstand any storm that may come their way. That is why we want to give our children names meaning strong to make them warriors of their own time, for them to survive any hardships and claim victory over their struggles. Keep on reading below to find a wide list of baby names that mean strong, powerful and tough.

Hercules is the famous mythical son of the god, Zeus, who is known for his incredible strength. Many idolized him and named their kids after him, a name meaning strong. In the aspect of love, Madonna has said that to be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return; to just give; that takes courage because we don’t want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt. That is what we want to teach our children, for them to be powerful in every way and not just in a single part of their lives.

How Names Meaning Strong are Making the World a Better Place

Being strong doesn’t mean to win through fighting, it also means being strong and mature enough to turn your back to things unworthy with your head held high. It means being wise in choosing your battles. We want our children to always continue to fight, no matter what will come against them, to rise each time they fall and to never forget to smile despite the difficulties. We aspire them to be strong as the warriors of God and looking up to Him as their General.

Names that mean strong give passion to their names. It is a brand that would mark their personality as a human being. And helps them to remember the meaning of their names each time they have problems, to remember what they are branded as from the very beginning, to be strong, and that they possess names that mean “strength”.

Names That Mean Strong

Why Names Meaning Strong Will Change Your Kids Life Forever

By marking them with names meaning “strong”, we want them to appreciate that they were given this life because we know and God knows that they are strong enough to live it. These tough names would always be their guide to never give up because there is no such thing as an ending but rather these are just new beginnings. We hope that names that mean “strong” would impart that strong walls shake but never collapse and that is how they should become.

Strong women wear their pain just like that of stilettos, that no matter how much it hurts, all you can see is the beauty of it, which is why girl names meaning “strong” are an excellent choice for those soon to be tough ladies. And boy names meaning “strong” are for those soon to be gentlemen who will be the protectors and heroes of their own ladies and families.

As parents, what we want is for our children to become the best they can be and to become strong walls. We wish them to be successful in their careers and become the great persons they are destined to be. These names meaning “strong” will mark them as the new tough soldiers of their army.

Boy Names meaning strong

Jian: Means strong and healthy in Chinese.

Berk: Means solid, firm, or strong in Turkish.

Chale: Means strong and youthful in Spanish.

Helmer: Means the wrath of a warrior in German.

Duke: Means a great leader in French.

Kwan: A Korean name meaning strong.

Leonard: Means brave as a lion in German.

Neon: Means he who is strong in Greek.

Richard: In English, this name is for a great and powerful ruler.

Takeshi: Means strong in Japanese.



Girl Names Meaning Strong

Brianna: An Irish name that means strong.

Deandrea: An American name meaning strong and womanly.

Ezra: A Hebrew name meaning helper and strong.

Eikki: A Finnish name meaning very powerful.

Renny: An Irish name meaning small but strong.

Kacie: An Irish name meaning brave.

Llewellyn: A Welsh name meaning lion-like.

Swithin: A German name that means strong.


Celebrity Boy Names Meaning Strong

Gabriel Iglesias: A comedian actor and known as Fluffy. Gabriel is a Hebrew name meaning God is my strong man.

Humphrey Bogart: Famous screen actor in the 1940s. Bogart in German means strong as a bow.

Jerry Yan: Taiwanese actor and famous for his role in the sensational Meteor Garden series. Jerry in German means a brave spearman.

Karl Max Weber: German sociologist, philosopher, and political economist. Max is a Latin name meaning greatest.

Andrew Garfield: Actor and known as Spider Man. Andrew in Greek means manly.


Celebrity Girl Names Meaning Strong

Kelly Clarkson: An American singer and songwriter, she is the winner of the first season of American Idol in 2002. Kelly in Irish means warrior.

Edith Hamilton was a German-American mentor branded as the greatest woman classicist. Edith in Old English means prosperous in war.

Nikki Reed: She is an American film and television actress, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, and model; she is also the fiancée of the hot actor, Ian Somerhalder. Nikki in Greek means victory of the people.

Drew Barrymore: Famous Hollywood actress and one of Charlie’s angels. Drew in English means warrior.

Bernadette Peters: Actress, singer, and children’s book author. Bernadette in French means brave as a bear.

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