Christmas Names – Baby names Inspired by Christmas

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year. During this time of year as well as throughout the whole month of December, we celebrate love, faith, miracles, hope and generosity. If you’re new parents of a little one or soon-to-be parents, there are many reasons to give your child a December/Christmas-themed name, especially if they’re born in the month of the December.

One main reason, of course, is to always remind your child and anyone whose life they touch that love, faith, miracles, hope, and generosity are everywhere to be found in life if we know where to look. Christmas is a time of happiness, faith and cheer, and having a name that reminds everyone about the winter holiday season can be entirely uplifting. Names inspired by Christmas are also among the most unique name choices two parents can choose for their child. What better way to celebrate the holiday season with the arrival of a little one than with a namesake that celebrates the reason behind this joyous season?

Christmas Names – Baby Names Inspired By Christmas

Popular Christmas Names and Unique Christmas Baby Names

Popular Christmas boy names include Jesus, Joseph, Christopher, Christian and Nicholas/Nick, but other holiday-inspired names are becoming more popular. Such examples include Emmanuel, Gabriel, Shepherd (or Shephard), December, Winter (or Wynter), Frost, Jasper (or Casper), Claus and Yule.
Popular Christmas girl names include Mary (or Marie/Maria), Cristina/Cristine, Gloria, Holly, Noelle and Angel, but other unique options include Eve, Ivy, Stella (or Estelle/Estella), Emmanuelle, Joy, Faith, Hope, Angelica, Ember, Hermione (means “the Messenger”), Lucia/Lux, Harmony, Grace, Robin, Bell (commonly spelled as “Belle“) and Carol. There are far more December-themed names out there than many parents think, and many Christmas names are suited for both genders (such as Hope, Joy, Winter, December, Yule and Angel).

December Names – Seasonal Names – Holiday Names

Some Christmas names focus on religious figures while others are focused more on the Christmas season itself and the feelings and emotions that are generally felt and shared during this time. Other names are more religious-neutral and focus on the winter season, the chilly weather or concepts that are commonly associated with wintertime. All names inspire a sense of warmth and caring that make them perfect for children who are born in December as well as children who are born during any time of the year.Chrismas Boy Names

Christmas Names used by Celebrity Couples

Christmas baby names are also making headlines in the news. Some of the most famous celebrities have chosen Christmas-themed names for their children over the years. It’s a popular trend– especially in the years 2013 and 2014. In the year 2014 alone, we saw celebrity baby names like Grace (Stacy Keibler’s daughter as well as Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s daughter), Shepherd (Jared Padalecki’s son), Mary (Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Bassett’s daughter), Frost (Zac Brown’s son), Maria (Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s daughter) and Bella (Eric Benet’s daughter). The trends for 2013 look rather similar and probably for 2015 it will keep on growing.

Unique baby names are currently popular among celebrities, and the reason for this trend is easy to understand. As our world becomes more populated, uniqueness and diversity are becoming more and more appealing. Humans are more creative than ever, and we learn to embrace new ideals, people and concepts on a daily basis. As we learn to embrace new changes and accept diversity with arms wide open, it’s only natural that we embrace new names that inspire creativity and a new way of thinking for future generations. Our hope remains instilled in future generations, after all.

Boy Names and Girl Names inspired by Winter Season

When we consider this feeling of hope that inspires us to think of creative names for our children, it’s only natural that certain times of the year that inspire creativity and hope within us affect our naming choices. For children born in December or around the winter holiday season, this is why Christmas baby names are becoming more popular. Every winter we see a new peak of Christmas boy names and Christmas girl names inspired by wintertime. Some are Christian, but names don’t have to be religious in nature to inspire hope, faith and love.

As Christmas approaches and the time for family, friends and loved ones comes to full circle, keep the above Christmas names in mind when considering naming options for your little one. Baby names inspired by Christmas not only give us hope as parents for a generation filled with faith, generosity and love, but they help everyone remember that the positive emotions of Christmas and the winter season are not meant to only be felt during December. Hope and love are vital each and every day of the year.

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Most Popular Christmas Boy Names

 Baby boy names

Balthazar (one of the Three Wise Men)
Caspar (one of the Three Wise Men)
Casper (one of the Three Wise Men)
Gabriel (Christmas angel)
Gaspard (one of the Three Wise Men)
Jasper (one of the Three Wise Men)
Melchior (one of the Three Wise Men)

Christmas Girl Names

Christmas Baby Names For Boy And Girl
Most Popular Unisex Christmas Names

Baby boy and girl names – Unisex Christmas Names


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