Most Popular Baby Names for 2015

Popular Baby Names for 2015 based on trends and inside information

Each year we are inundated with lists of the most popular items in our country and the world, perhaps one of the most popular and important lists is that of popular baby names. Popular names change, with those that once topped most popular baby names lists now seen as outdated or old fashioned. Our name experts forecast the most popular baby names of the year, while looking at trends, popularity of the names in various databases, websites, forums and name polls. Ok, we don’t have inside information but we are waiting for the official announcements from Social Security Administration for last year and we are studying carefully at their data, before updating our article.

Popular baby names for baby boys and baby girls

When choosing the name of a baby each and every parent has their own personal reasons for choosing a name, whether this is a family name handed down amongst generations or the name of a favorite character or sports hero, which is chosen as homage to that fictional or factual figure. For others the choice begins with a look through the lists of most popular names, which can provide ideas on the most popular baby names that are fashionable at that moment in history. For example, 2014 sees the most popular names for boys listed as Noah, Jacob and Mason, with the most popular names for girls reported to be Sophia and Emma. Whether choosing popular names for baby girl or popular names for baby boy the most recent lists of popular baby names can be a good starting point. See the names here.

Popular Boy Names, Popular Girl Names And Meanings

Popular Names are changing through time

The most popular names can often be cyclical, with some dropping in and out of fashion as time goes by. This can be seen by taking a look through recent lists of popular names; Jacob has appeared in the top 20 popular names for boys throughout the twenty-first century. Going back a few years, we see that in 1980 the popular names for baby boy were Michael and Christopher, while the popular names for baby girl were Jennifer and Amanda.

Popular Names to choose or avoid

Popularity, of course can also have its downside, many expecting parents take a look through the lists of popular names in a bid to ensure their child stands apart from the crowd. Each parent wants the little bundle of joy growing within the mother to be an individual and have a name that reflects that individuality. Looking through the lists of popular names for girls can give the mother of a newborn, or yet to be born set of parents, an idea of the names they wish to avoid if they wish to appear original and individual. These parents search for more uncommon names and prefer to avoid the hot and trendy names, they want to find for their baby one of the most unique names.

Popular Name meanings

Names can also carry meaning for a parent or the child themselves; understanding popular name meanings can give a parent the chance to mold the future of their child by giving them a name with a specific meaning. Parents wishing to nurture a caring child could look at the number one name on the boys list for 2014, Noah is a Hebrew name that translates into English as ‘Rest, Peace, Comfort or Peaceful’. For girls, popular name meanings show the different meanings that can be obtained from a single name that show the influences and interests of the parents. The ever popular fantasy and mythology genres of movies and books have seen the name Olivia grow in popularity to become the fourth name on the popular names for girls list as its Portuguese and Latin  meaning is ‘Peace’ or ‘Olive tree’ while its English meaning is ‘Elf Army’.

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Last Year’s Top 10 Hot Baby Names for 2014

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Top 10 Boy Names 2014

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Mason
  4. Jacob
  5. William
  6. Ethan
  7. Michael
  8. Alexander
  9. James
  10. Daniel

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