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While you can think of any English language name as a Christian name, Catholic names are those given to a child in the Catholic church when they are baptized after birth. Many Catholic boy names hold special meaning in the church, as they reference famous saints and figures in the Bible. Giving your child a Catholic name can be a beautiful way to start them out on the right path in life. Keep on reading to find our list with the 50 most unique Catholic boy names for your baby.



In the Canon laws of the Catholic church, those who want to baptize their child into the Catholic faith have always been required to give a Christian name or the name of a saint to their baby. In the eary years, names of saints were encouraged to be used while Old Testament names and names outside the Christian faith were discouraged.

Since1983, the Canon laws have been made less restrictive. When you baptize your baby into the Catholic faith now, you can give them any name as long as it does not hold any non-Christian values or history. This has expanded the list of acceptable Catholic names to include many Biblical and non-Biblical names which were rarely used before the 1980s within the Catholic church.

In 2015 and 2016 the use of non-traditional Catholic names is increasing, with names being chosen from all over the world to be used by parents. Traditional Catholic names are still very popular in the English speaking world; however, non-traditional names are beginning to overtake them in popular usage.



Since the late 1900s, Catholic baby boy names have been losing their popularity. Since the beginning of the recording of names in various countries, starting in the 1800s in the US and the early 1900s elsewhere, Catholic names have held high positions in the top 100 and top 10 lists. They are slowly being replaced by other naming trends, with most names losing popularity in 2014.

As an example, the name Jacob was listed as the most popular baby boy name in the US from the year 2000 (and earlier) until 2013, when it reduced to 3rd place and continued down to 4th most popular in 2014 and 2015. Another example is the name Matthew, which held the rank of 3rd most popular in 2000 has gone down to 15th most popular in 2015.

Catholic Baby Names For Boys


In 2015, the most popular Catholic names for boy babies were Jacob (ranked 4th in USA, England & Wales, and Canada), Michael (ranked 9th in the USA, 77th in Canada), James (ranked 7th in the USA, England & Wales, and 167th in Canada), and Daniel (ranked 12th in the USA, 116th in Canada).

In the US the names Elijah, Benjamin, Matthew, David, and Joseph were also among the top 20 most popular names in 2015.



Many celebrities have opted to use Catholic names for their children, whether they were baptized into the church or not. Surprisingly, not every celebrity couple goes with the trend of absurd names for their children! Here are some of the couples that chose Catholic names for their babies:

Ophie Hunter; Benedict Cumberbatch Photo By See Li
Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter named their son Christopher Cumberbatch

Carrie Underwood And Mike Fischer
Image by Getty images

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher named their son Isaiah Michael Fisher


Tom Brady ang Gisele Bundchen gave two children Catholic names, with their first son Benjamin Brady and their second son being name John Brady


Leo Bardem is the name of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s son

Thanksgiving Love ?? #family

A photo posted by Alessandra Ambrosio (@alessandraambrosio) on

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Mazur decided to name their song Noah Mazur (Noah is not on the list below, but it is a great Catholic name for baby boy as well!)

Naomi Watts Liev Schreiber 2012

Naomi Watts and Live Schreiber gave their son the name Samuel Schreiber

James Van Der Beek and Kimberly Brook had a child named Joshua Van Der Beek


Solange Knowles and Daniel Smith gave their son a Catholic name also, making him the namesake of his father by calling the boy Daniel

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Cynthia Nixon gave the names Charles Nixon to one of her sons

A photo posted by @rheawahlbergblog on

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham gave their first son the Catholic name Michael

Matthew Broderick Sarah Jessica Parker Shankbone 2009 Tribeca

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker decided on the name James Broderick for their only son.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named their son Samuel Affleck.



Your baby boy’s name is the beginning of his story. The name sticks with him and in many ways defines him for the rest of his life. To be named after the great saints of the Catholic faith or the heroes of the Bible sets up a wonderful legacy and gives your son a name he can say proudly as he introduces himself. As the first gift you will ever give him, pick his name wisely.



  1. Aaron (Meaning: The exalted one)
  2. Adam (Meaning: The one made)
  3. Amos (Meaning: Brave)
  4. Augustine (Meaning: Of Augustus)
  5. Barnabas (Meaning: Son of consolation)
  6. Benedict (Meaning: Blessed)
  7. Benjamin (Meaning: Favorite son)
  8. Caleb (Meaning: Bold)
  9. Charles (Meaning: Man)
  10. Christopher (Meaning: Christ bearer)
  11. Curtis (Meaning: Courteous)
  12. Daniel (Meaning: The Lord is judge)
  13. Dominic (Meaning: The Lord’s)
  14. David (Meaning: Beloved)
  15. Eamon (Meaning: Happy protection)
  16. Emmanuel/Immanuel (Meaning: God with us)
  17. Ezra (Meaning: Help)
  18. Frederick (Meaning: Peaceful ruler)
  19. Gabriel (Meaning: God’s strength)
  20. Gerard (Meaning: Strong spear)
  21. Gregory (Meaning: Watchman)
  22. Hector (Meaning: Holding fast)
  23. Homer (Meaning: Hostage)
  24. Hugo (Meaning: Thought)
  25. Ian (Meaning: Merry)
  26. Isaac (Meaning: Laughter)
  27. Jacob (Meaning: Seizing by the heel)
  28. James (Meaning: Supplanter)
  29. Jeremiah (Meaning: The Lord loosens)
  30. Jesse (Meaning: Strong)
  31. John (Meaning: God has mercy)
  32. Jonathan (Meaning: God gave)
  33. Joseph (Meaning: Increase)
  34. Joshua (Meaning: Help of Jehovah)
  35. Jude (Meaning: Praised)
  36. Julius (Meaning: Just)
  37. Kilian (Meaning: Church)
  38. Leo (Meaning: Lion)
  39. Lewis (Meaning: Famous war)
  40. Luke (Meaning: Light)
  41. Mark (Meaning: God of war)
  42. Matthew (Meaning: The Lord’s gift)
  43. Michael (Meaning: Who is like God?)
  44. Nathaniel (Meaning: Gift of God)
  45. Nicholas (Meaning: People’s victory)
  46. Paul (Meaning: Little)
  47. Peter (Meaning: Rock)
  48. Samuel (Meaning: Name of God)
  49. Simon (Meaning: Obedient)
  50. Zachariah (Meaning: God remembers)

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