The Most Popular Baby Names of 2017 – Top Baby Names 2017

Finally, we’ve got the most popular baby names for 2017, to help make naming your baby less challenging and more exciting. Still sticking to #1 on the most popular girl name is Emma, but we have a new #1 for the most popular boy names, Liam, climbing from 2nd place. The year’s baby name trend shows both new and existing parent adores nobility with a modern feel.


Top Baby Names and its Popularity Trends

Although Liam, Benjamin, Samuel, William, Emma, Olivia, Ava, Mia had little or no change in their trends, others seem to have a drastic change in their popularity. Wells, Kairo, Caspian, Nova, Colson, Kace, And Kasshton moved up the chart pretty amazingly. While for the girls, Ensley, Oaklynn, Dream, Melania, Emberly, and Octavia incredibly raised up the most popular girl names. The trends show that one of the names may someday be ranked among top 10 most popular baby names if this current level of popularity being amassed continues.

Also, specific boy names popularity dropped significantly: Riaan ranked #1276, Kylo ranked #1149, Kolby ranked #1148, Urijah ranked #1146 and Jamar ranked 1001. On the other side, girl names also suffered the same fate: Julianne ranked #1182; Wendy ranked #1098; Milania ranked #1185; Montserrat ranked #1044; Nathaly ranked #1156; Jessa ranked #879, and Jayden ranked #933. These names did not get enough attention from new parents.


Most Popular Boy Names Trends in 2017

Noah traded its top position with Liam after ranked first, fourth times in a row, with Liam ranking second for those four years in a row. Both names, however, have always had a spot in the Top 10 most popular boy names for nine years. Also, two boy names, William and Benjamin, continued to be retained third and sixth.

James gradually increased in popularity; moving to the fourth place after spending three years on the top ten most popular boy names. Notably, Logan moved into the top 10 list placing fifth from the thirteenth position. Mason had dropped in popularity, from the fourth rank down to the seventh.

Elijah climbed up the top ten list, leaving the ninth spot to take on the eighth spot. Coming from the twelfth spot to place ninth from the twelfth position is Oliver. Jacob ranked lower, seventh to the tenth spot on the top boy names in 2017. However, some names couldn’t remain on the top ten most popular boy names: Michael – eighth to twelfth, and Ethan – tenth to fourteenth.


Most Popular Girl Names Trends in 2017

Remaining in its number one spot from 2016 on the most popular girl names is Emma, topping the girl’s chart for the fourth time since 2014. Equally, Olivia continued to be ranked second for the fourth time since 2014.

Ava got the spotlight in 2015 fourth-ranking position and since 2015 has moved and remained third on the most popular girl name chart. Isabella and Sophia traded their rankings with Isabella getting the fourth position and Sophia dropped to the fifth rank.

Mia and Charlotte continued to be ranked sixth and seventh respectively. Surprisingly, three names got ranked higher making the top 10 list for girls. Amelia ranking eleventh from last year now ranks eight, Evelyn ranking ninth and Abigail moving higher to the tenth position. These three girls’ names rise in popularity shows more parents seems to find the names unique, and appealing.

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017 - Top Baby Names 2017

Top Baby Names Meanings

Most times, every name was chosen by a parent has to do with the names’ origin, meaning and how unique it sounds. It is a popular belief that a quality name given to a child can influence the child’s life and help promote good moral and ethical standard in the society. This, however, shows why names like Noah, Benjamin, James, etc. have been ranked among the top 10 most popular baby names for the last five years. If you like statistics, you can find more details at


Top Boys Names and Meanings

Liam is a short form of an Irish name William, with meaning strong-willed warrior and protector. Noah is a biblical name, which comes from a Hebrew background meaning peace and/or rest. Noah saved the world from the first extinction by building an ark of refuge for animals in pairs.

Although William and Liam have the exact meaning strong-willed warrior and protector, both come from a different origin. William is from the English background. James and Jacob are both from the same root. They are Hebrew names from the bible, which means supplanter and meaning may change in other languages.

Logan is a Scottish name, which goes by the meaning small hollow. Another Hebrew names making the list is Benjamin; with meaning sons of my right hand. Mason comes from a French origin, and in the past has been used to describe an individual that works with stones and brick – stone or brick worker. Elijah is a Hebrew name; also come from a biblical origin meaning my God is YAHWEH. Oliver is rooted in English and means fruitfulness, dignity, and beauty.


Top Girls Names and Meanings

Emma is from a Latin origin with meaning – universal. Olivia is from Latin and means olive tree. Another name from Latin origin is Ava; meaning life. Sophia is root in Greek meaning wisdom. Isabella is of Hebrew origin, and means pledged to God. Mia is an Italian name, and it means bitter, mine.

Charlotte is rooted both in English and French with its meaning free man. Abigail is also of Hebrew origin, meaning my father is joyful. Evelyn is from Hebrew and means life. Amelia is rooted in Teutonic with meaning – defender.


Other Promising Baby Names

Not every baby names had the chance to make the top 10 chart. However, that does not mean the baby names are not worth your kids. Specific names are quite cute and worthy of your consideration for your baby name alongside the top 10 most popular baby names.

For Boys:  Lucas is a Hebrew name meaning light-giving. Perhaps due to its unique meaning, it now ranks eleventh from its previous fourteenth spot. Another Hebrew name ranking fourteenth is Ethan meaning strong, consistency. Michael is from a Hebrew root, presently ranking twelfth with its meaning – who is like God? Daniel comes from a Hebrew origin likewise meaning God is my Judge and ranks fifteenth. Alexander ranks thirteenth, a name deeply rooted in Greek and means Defender of men. Aiden is an Irish name with meaning – little fire.


For Girls: Harper currently sits at the eleven spot and usually use to address someone who players the harps beautifully. Sofia is a borrowed baby name from a Greek word, Sophia, which in Greek meanings wisdom or skill – and it presently ranks fifteenth. A Latin name from Aemilia lies at the twelfth spot, Emily, which means Industrious or striving. Avery is a derived name from a traditional last name Alfred. Avery has different meanings in various languages: French – ruling with elf-wisdom, and English – counselor. This impressive definition has enabled it to move up from sixteenth to the fourteenth spot. Victoria is from a Latin background meaning triumphant or victory. It also moved up from twenty-first to the nineteenth spot. Another name equally making a getting parents attention is Ella, from sixteenth to seventeenth spot on the chart with its meaning beautiful fairy.


Top Celebrity Baby Name Choices

Although babies get their names sometimes from history or its meaning, some prefer to follow their favorite celebrity baby name choices. Celebrities often find unique and unusual names for their babies.

The famous reality TV stars Jesse and Ann Csincsak had their son named Noah Theodore Csincsak. In 2007, actor Dean McDermott and famous family Tori Spelling had a son and called Liam Aaron. William Cash is a son to the famous reality TV star and radio host Chris Powell in 2011. Bo Bice, the musician, in 2012, had a son named Evan Jacob Bice. The American actor Cameroon Dye and actor Laura Giacomo choose Mason for their baby boy. Emma was the name given to actor Cynthia Watros’ daughter. The Actor Andrea Roth picked Ava for her daughter. The famous family of Colin Lewes Hanks welcomed a baby girl named Olivia. Josh Gad, an American film, voice, and stage actor name his daughter Isabella. In 2011, the American actor Ian Ziering, aka Steve Sanders, decided to call his daughter Mia.

Top 10 Baby Names for 2017

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The first step that decides the kind of path you want your baby to walk is naming your kid. This can be challenging, stressful and same time exciting. Parents want their baby names to revolve around this attributes: unique, meaningful, rare and incredible. With names like Emma meaning universal, Liam meaning strong-willed and provide your baby with a good starting point to better, deserved life. The top 10 most popular baby names, is a list of names that would help you figure out what starting point, a sense of purpose you desire for a kid to live by forever.


Using this chart ensures you don’t need to look at a thousand or more baby name before getting the perfect name for your charming prince and princess. Babies are amazing, loving and life-changing being to have; therefore, it’s our duty to project this elegance through their names.


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